We understand that not all of our services are relevant to you, and we will work with you to pick and choose those specific ones that provide appropriate balance for you. Mitchell and Company provides a broad array of Information Technology (IT) services and in thinking about what may be appropriate for you, those services generally fall within the following categories.

CIO Strategy and Planning Services

This includes specific services targeting areas that a typical Chief Information Officer may provide or oversee; including, but not limited to, planning activities such as general technology advisory services, assessment, audit, procurement, budget development, compliance planning, and overall risk management. We provide a number of these services using our best practices CIO Handbook as a roadmap for a strategic approach to providing IT services.

Backup Recovery Test Management

We recognize that managing IT, especially when it comes to protecting your software applications’ data, requires a risk-based approach – identifying risks of system downtime, equipment failure, data destruction, etc. and developing appropriate strategies for managing these risks. It is important that you understand and can articulate the relative value of your specific data and applications, and that MaC can build and maintain systems that align well with your value perception. A number of activities and services provided include keeping backup software versions up to date, monitoring alerts from backup systems, installing firmware to data storage systems, ensuring that all identified critical devices are backed up, managing backup system file organization and providing an appropriate level of training to end users on roles and responsibilities relative to the management and backup systems. Services include planning and execution activities such as data risk profiling; systems inventory documentation; monitoring, alerting and remediating backup system issues; producing detailed recovery planning and actionable testing documentation. A number of services in this category can be prescheduled on a periodic basis as proactive preventative maintenance.

Server and Storage Management and Support

This category of services includes maintaining and supporting on premise and/or cloud-based servers and storage. We can conduct scheduled preventative maintenance services such as firmware updates, security and operating system update management; and also provide a number of other services such as maintaining Windows Active Directory object databases (user accounts, security groups, folder permissions), and other support tasks to keep your servers and storage working efficiently. A number of services in this category can be prescheduled on a periodic basis as proactive preventative maintenance.

Network Device Management and Support

Network equipment is generally hidden away in a closet somewhere; however, its importance is extremely critical providing the backbone for connecting devices, both wired and wirelessly, and ensuring a healthy connection to your Internet Service Provider. This includes technology hardware items such as routers, firewalls, switches, wireless access points, physical cabling, etc. Our services include configuration, monitoring, management, firmware updates and documentation of these devices. We highly recommend keeping these devices up to date with software and firmware updates to ensure the best chances for appropriate performance and security. A number of services in this category can be prescheduled on a periodic basis as proactive preventative maintenance.

Application Management and Support

While all organizations tend to have massive amounts of simple file data, such as Word, Excel and PDF files, for example; there are other more sophisticated applications that may utilize database technologies (Microsoft SQL Server, as an example) or reside in the cloud and utilize various web services (Microsoft O365 and Azure, for example). While still considered data, these systems often require special backup and recovery considerations that influence how backup and recovery systems work. Additionally, there may be other tasks required to ensure proper ongoing efficient operation of these systems. MaC can also provide custom software programming services that include data integration between systems, software application development, databases and web services . While there are some services that we may do on a scheduled basis (such as database maintenance plan management), most of the services provided here are done on an as needed basis.

Phone System Management and Support

Services provided in this support category include activities and tasks such as setting up user extensions, configuring voicemail, configuring application and phone system interfaces, assisting with maintenance of auto-attendant trees and end user training. The majority of services provided here tend to be scheduled as you contact us to make changes to your system. It is often possible over time, with assistance from MaC in the form of training and documentation, to educate internal personnel to provide a number of these services. Services in this category that may be prescheduled on a periodic basis as proactive preventative maintenance include system backup and recovery testing and software and voice gateway version updates.

Workstation and End User / Client Device Support

This set of services focuses on keeping end users productive with their software and various end user devices. Much of the service provided in this area are provided to remedy unplanned inconveniences, on an as-needed or requested basis; and may include such things as end user training, software glitches, printers or scanners not functioning properly, workstations freezing up, failed hardware, etc. Other tasks, again more on an as-needed basis, may include setting up new devices or software. User training and documentation can lead to a long term trend in reducing a number of these issues. We can work with your team to provide ongoing training and documentation, especially where the organization as a whole can benefit from these things. Typical devices supported include desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers, scanners, and any other end user devices. The majority of services provided here tend to be scheduled as you contact us. We always advise that a single point of contact inside your organization works as a gatekeeper to coordinate support requests to ensure that these requests are consistent with your priorities and budget.

Third Party Vendor Management

You may have any number of third party vendors that supply technology services to you in addition to our team. This typically includes web and email hosting organizations, software application vendors, and data and voice circuit providers. You may feel perfectly comfortable working directly with these providers. When you need help in working with these organizations, we are perfectly comfortable in working with them on your behalf to ensure that you are receiving an appropriate level of service relative to your financial commitments.

Wireless Engineering

We as a culture have become extremely dependent on wireless technology to connect remote and wireless users. Mitchell and Company has wireless engineers to help design, install, configure, and manage your wireless network. We have designed and implemented wireless networks all over the Western United States covering schools, businesses, and event venues.

Remote Monitoring and Management

The most important tool in a system administrator’s toolset is monitoring.  Our cloud-based monitoring allows us to see the availability and health of your workstations, servers, internal network, and Internet connection.  Our tools constantly check the health of each of the components of all your systems on an ongoing basis to create a picture of what your environment looks like when all is healthy.

Help Desk Support

We provide comprehensive coverage for submission and management of support requests. Customers can submit support tickets on-line, via email, or by telephone using a help desk hotline.  Help desk is typically provided 8×5 with 24×7 services upon request.